"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."
- Confucius


What is Never Work?

Never Work is an online platform that leverages the power of personality testing to revamp job searching, applicant selection, and team development.

Job Seeker Services

Let's face it . . . there are a million job search sites out there and a million more sites offering personality assessments. But our 100% free Job Search platform is a leader in melding the two together, providing you with local job opportunities that match your core traits. Registered users also have access to customized personality reports and career development tips.


Hiring Manager Services

As a hiring manager you are well aware of the cost of a bad hire. We've developed a simple way to help you alleviate those costs. By leveraging our brief, scientifically validated personality assessment, the Insights platform ranks your candidates for you based on person-job fit, giving you the ability to thin your stack of resumes and focus on top candidates. The beta version of Insights is FREE for a limited time.

People Manager Services

Effective teamwork is the fusion of individual efforts with a common vision. In service of this goal, our Team ID platform assesses your team’s engagement and motivation and then provides both you and your team members with in-depth planning guides detailing actionable insights and normative comparisons. The beta version of Team ID is FREE for a limited time.


Why Personality Matters

Our enduring, distinctive personality traits characterize the way we adapt to the world . . . like the pieces of a puzzle, particular personalities are compatible with particular environments. Validated personality tests contribute to accurate self-knowledge . . . in turn, accurate self-knowledge allows us to seek out and thrive in our ideal situations.